see also .. In 2016 the human race spends 1000 times more money and time on Learning Commns Tech. We invite you to vote for the the most productive Youth Economies (more) linking in 3 billion new jobs that were impossible to co-create in times when distance caused communications to be expensive and the idea of an app being mobilised any time any place by anyone sounded like science fiction. see also microfranchise & health as pivotal youth economy

Let's begin with the most exciting girls empowerment economy: its human epicentre is Sir Fazle Abed in Bangladesh of the world's largest and most collaborative NGO known by hundreds of partners and millions whose education calling is girls empowerment as pre-digital BRAC and post-digital BKASH -currently the world's largest cashless economy co-created by and for girls faced with poverty's and sustainability most extreme challenges. Starting the search for how to value this youth economy was to be the last project of The Economist's Norman Macrae whose work (more) on the Entrepreneurial Revolution of millennials 3 billion new jobs began with this (Keynsian inspired - more) future history in 1972. RSVP or to start linking in text Norman's family in wsshington DC at USA 240 316 8157
next education open space new york 1 to 12 march 2016 - previous MIT 25 to 29 january - queries on linking in - or text usa 240 316 8157 Freeing 3rd grade teachers to ask parents & communities: do you live in a sustainable economy?

Friday, June 9, 2017

bob could you help choose which of any of this draft below i send in introducing lord nicholas stern   (cgtn) to you- he is the second last english speaking person with credibility in beijing according to my 6 visits to beijing and digging around that chinese students like amy have worked tirelessly on  - his relationship with jim kim can also be enough to get to jack ma

 the thing is stern remembers my dad well as they commuted back to wimbledon once a week in the 1980s (when he was young and my dad in his 60s) a shared late night taxi even though as the most conscientious of labour researchers (the intellect that blair and then gordon brown relied on most as the 2000s became labors decade in UK) he probably found my dads ideas at The Economist weird- i only got 3 minutes with lord nicholas at korea aiib2017 last month and of course he had hundreds of more important people to talk to- i think it may be best if i am positioned as the fool with a story i wont let go while you and he work on some practical intervention


Dear Lord Nicholas

 Please may i introduce you to bob freeling (my neighbor in bethesda MD) and the practice source of microsolar girls freedom/happiness networking

My fathers last youth journalism project 2007-2010 while cancer took over his body was very painful because he sent me with young journalists from many cultures to interview muhammad yunus in bangladesh 10 times. We had hoped to launch a publication with adam smith scholars at july 4th 2010 event where Glasgow University had spent hundreds of thousands on promoting Yunus as keynoted of 250th yera of publication of adma smiths moral sentiments but dad died 3 weeks too soon

For all of us yunus was a hero because making end poverty as world famous as who won sporting world cups took the greatest passion and storytelling my family have ever documented across 4 generations of media and mediation people including sir kenneth kemp who as chief justice of mumbai worked 25 years with gandhi- grandads last job being writing up legalese of india's independence

but what the young people all found was that none of yunus stories actually identified the innovation sources; most of the scaling of pre-digital bangladesh had been done by sir fazle at brac not grameen on its own- micro solar skills came (in direct briefings to yunus) from bob and neville williams self network, mobile phones came from the quadirs at mit and legatum

ironically my father and i had published the first risk of greenwashing  genre in sustaining global partnership (now called SD goal 17) in 1988 after i had spent a decade with mit database technology helping compile social needs of thousands of markets across 50 countries

in 2008 -9 it took me more time than it should to have discovered was that microcreditsummit- the original millennial goals summit from 1997 had been taken over by greenwashing even though its founding supporters had been european royals specifically prince charles (still championing green microenergy every year at Home | Ashden ) and queen sofia; although obama's mother had done heroic microcredit work in indonesia he didnt actually understand its implication versus the big banking crisis 

the error of microcreditsummit was each year had to be self-funded; increasingly it got funded by the big bad banks and their ipos of microcredit; and increasinigly it pressurised it keynoters like yunus to fund raise- there was no mechanism to build a curriculum of knowhow from summit to summit- in america there is not one top 20 college that lets students truly study how bangladesh empowered girls to build the 8th most populous nation

i believe that talking to sir fazle, bob and the quadirs now is absolutely critical for all future world leadership summits that want to empower youth with action learning from each community up

the triangularisation of girls, first time to access electricity, the first time to have communications (mobile) with reset of the world is the greatest economic and global villages freedom story ever- even if aiib itself has many other priorities these 3 deadlines are also mission critical for  sustainability class of 2017-2018

1 the host in jeju's green big bang network aims not just to connect 2000 carbon zero governors but to use jeju 's place freedom to assemble green curricula/certificates that connect with whole truth- sustainabuility MBA if you wish

2 jack ma spent much of the year before china's g20 summit in 2016 turning all the business20 homework into valuing sme's in every global market; download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -and see why greatest #learinggeneration thanks hangzhou in happiest collaboration opportunities ever played
the opportunity for some group to green20 on road to g20 in argentina july 2018 - the franciscan home of all empowerment models including yunus, sir fazle and jim kim is once in a lifetime

3 lastly because of brexit and trump much  knowhow cultural and scientific and coded only translatable through english will get lost unless the few brits entirely trusted in beijing start turning media like the bbc back into celebrating the values of parenting, live, safe communities- the bbc turned out to be the final straw in discrediting everything that could have been shared with students on bangladeshi girl empowerment; if it is also the last western straw in blocking chinese sharing goodwill and green livelihoods it will be the greatest world dis-service of all

lord stern- hope you and bob can talk and distribute far more sense than ever i can 

best to all, chris

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