see also .. In 2016 the human race spends 1000 times more money and time on Learning Commns Tech. We invite you to vote for the the most productive Youth Economies (more) linking in 3 billion new jobs that were impossible to co-create in times when distance caused communications to be expensive and the idea of an app being mobilised any time any place by anyone sounded like science fiction. see also microfranchise & health as pivotal youth economy

Let's begin with the most exciting girls empowerment economy: its human epicentre is Sir Fazle Abed in Bangladesh of the world's largest and most collaborative NGO known by hundreds of partners and millions whose education calling is girls empowerment as pre-digital BRAC and post-digital BKASH -currently the world's largest cashless economy co-created by and for girls faced with poverty's and sustainability most extreme challenges. Starting the search for how to value this youth economy was to be the last project of The Economist's Norman Macrae whose work (more) on the Entrepreneurial Revolution of millennials 3 billion new jobs began with this (Keynsian inspired - more) future history in 1972. RSVP or to start linking in text Norman's family in wsshington DC at USA 240 316 8157
next education open space new york 1 to 12 march 2016 - previous MIT 25 to 29 january - queries on linking in - or text usa 240 316 8157 Freeing 3rd grade teachers to ask parents & communities: do you live in a sustainable economy?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

league table of most valuable curricula freeing sustainability generation

1) english and chinese as second language  ( in spite of brexit and trump world youth still need knowlegde stored or coded in english)

2) 17 sustainability goals of girl empowerment with first search led by sir fazle abed of brac

3) all the mapping of how can every small enterprise be linked into trade that is belt road- and what huge innovation networks do we now need students to connect eg green bib bang- which 2000 place governors want to unite race to zero carbon economies

4 everything that jack ma (and which ever tech wizards app his dreams of global markets where small enterprises flourish) knows how to big data small platform 

------------------- to add to survey rsvp our family started above survey when man landed on mon in 1969 thanks to grandad at The Economist

Monday, July 24, 2017

diary of global girls health

7/23/17 jim kim linkedin  - discuss - eg Sir Fazle Abed connects girls ultra important youth economy of the sustainability generation - hope that Jim Kim team  connect this with education commission, jack ma's big data small curricula at UNCTAD, Guterres and Jinping's inspiring global 2.0,  as well as world development report on education in time for girl empowerment to be the number 1 innovation stage at Argentina G20 summer 2018 in line with the POP models of Franciscans and last mile health networks, next phase of bkash as blockchain platforms become integral to transparent intergenerational sustainability. For multilateral assistance to be great (let alone peaceful and safe) for girls again, we need to get beyond meetings that PR aid and distribute action learning bottom-up. These next 3.5 years of should be youth's most exciting times in regaining sustainability for all our futures. Instead there is not one us university or media reporter that shares what sir fazle has  innovated with youth in spite of his knowhow being critical to deepest sustainability solutions.  BRACnet While my family (co-publisher )   friend of Dr Yunus   please value Sir Fazle's knowhow  as #1 in open learning campus empowering girls lives

2016 jim kim visits bkash
2016 jim kim boirthday telegram to sir fazle
related reference global health for poorest - melinda gates interview cgtn tian wei 7/25 -philanthropies representing only about 1% of economy can only test- they then need partnersto scale -- but more

world knowledge centres of health for poorest bangladesh brac (since 1972) first to scale rural natioin oral rehydration late 1970s adopted by unicef then leader commerorated at brac univesrityjames grant public school of health- PIH:. boston and haiti since 1984, cuba, russian prisons sponsotred by geoirge soros, rwanda (2008?) special last mile health challenges eg end ebola -alse china barefoot doctors - if we are going to  spend 1000 times more on learning commns tech - univesrfal affordable healthcare will be key sector to track (The Economist 1984)  

during his first year at world bank jim kim transitioned his life experience asking all young professionals to intervene in value chains the same way parthners in health had -
dear kathy 10 years into publishing journals etc started with muhammad yunus has led my english and chinese speaking friends of women empowerment to value ideas of alumni of sir fazle abed at brac, and of china's radical leaders of Youth Economies; the opportunities of 2017-2018 are unlike any i have ever seen; picking a top 3 youth economies is a continuing survey but here are prelim results

should you or friends want to meet or see further details please say

Youth Economy( YE1.17) GREEN BIG BANG CLUB 
Sustainability summits chaired by china's xi jinping have led directly to Korea founding green big bang club for 2000 place governors determined to benchmark how to race to carbon zero; last month I was in Korea at the annual governors meeting of the green asian infrastructure investment bank attended by delegations from 80 nations- the reasons why Korea will make a hi-trust hosts of green big bang club became clear - obviously i would like to make sure that any green networks of bcorps maximise connectivity with green big bang club especially as the chinese graduate i have worked longest with comes from changsha the hometown of  Zhang Yue

YE2.17 Sir Fazle Abed's Ultra Girl Empowerment Collaboration Networks
While China is truly committed to sustainability goals it doesnt have the solutions experience that assembled around the life works of Sir Fazle Abed at BRAC and bkash- girl empowerment solutions in places with zero infrastructure is not China's forte ; xi jinping starts the second 5 years of his mission to rejuvenate china and all global youth 2.0 this summer; Dc's Brookings has the number 1 English-speaking scholar on Xi's next 5 year diary; India is scheduled to be absolutely critical to Xi Jinping during class year of 2018-2019 but maximising china's knowledge of Sir Fazle Abed's work cant come soon enough especially as it has the  same anthropological and value origins as jim kim and pope francis and the g20 argentina summer 2018 is the one scheduled event on the world stage to ensure the most ultra solutions to ending poverty and lost sustainability are included in all world leaders awareness. In a world where english speaking youth have been sidelined by trump and brexit, Britain's Lord Stern is pulling out all the stops to maximise British testimonies to investments in BRAC and those aspects of culture that queen and commonwealth have a tacit contribution to make

YE3.17 Jack Ma predicts that Big Data Small Platforms will enter the world's top 5 economies by 2021
That big data small coders win out over big data big coders is sustainability critical- getting blockchain apps right for sustaining communities and life-shaping social sectors is a once in a lifetime opportunity; more generally we need teachers of 5th graders to know whats at stake as we map back all the technologies of 4th industrial revolution which could be designed to be jobs enriching but in the west are still being mainly designed big brother way round

sincerely chris macrae
a note on youth economies; keynes life work concluded that economists were youth's greatest enemy except where these designed intergenerational system to exponentially improve youth livelihoods out of every community and end poverty - even as the world makes a lot of noise about sustainability goals, the biggest 100 economies (two thirds being big corporates) are far away from empowering youth sustainability- we invite everyone to vote on youth economies 

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here's mine -somewhere lurking in columbia is the us epicentre of my dads friends george soros  George Soros: Why We Need To Rethink Economics

soros billionaire pursuits include open society and ineteconomics as well as gorbachevs nobel peace laureate and green summits oordinated out of rome - try and search out who's columbia soros who

1 soros rethink economics from ground up - further refhttp://inetworkeconomics.orgOpen Society Foundations BUT keep away from social activists with no ability to discuss win-win trading maps  - seek out phelps nobel laureate of mass flourishing and ying lowrey's mentoir of how to netiork 

open space facilitation is absolutely critical inside columbia university let alone all of new york or baltimore

therefore meet up with harrison owen before classes and student union societies start

discuss war and peace slide attached- harrison alumni have deepest and most diverse cultural knowledge track of that of anyone west of Glasgow or north of rome  

thanks chris macrae @obamauni  9 minutes ago
#theeconomist 2021= global2.0 peak jinping rejuvenation china & 50th year macrae's future history's sustainability 

the one slide attached is as clear as i can get to half a century of mindsets of NW that need mediating faster than you can say dear donald

i dont claim to understand south and east though believe summits hosted by jinping and jack ma inviting national delegations from everywhere are the best fast learning spaces under 30s can get in the non-open space world; why any university is still in non-open space world is both a social and economic question that may yet define whether millennials are ever sustainable in all hemispheres let alone whether donalds presidency magically transmutes into a peaceful green and healthy one - thats amy's peers job- wish her good luck and confucian speed

Larry Brilliant on how Aravind -the social business collaboration  of irradicating needless blindness - was as smart in microfranchising as Mcdonalds, and more effective in training eye nurses than any health education process we have searched
Million Youth energy course starts Jan 2014: Energy is 10% of US ec...; we are burning fossil fuel million times faster than nature can create it; we can either learn while we burn or after we burn
0 Harvey Fineberg Institute of Medicine: one of the great challenges in public health is to take a program that you've shown to succeed in one community and to scale up to whole country; BRAC shows how it's possible; they franchise they replicate; they use in effect the same structure that the mcdonald's use on hamburgers instead they're saving people's lives
412 year old asks Maryland and DC schooling system to ask dr yunusto change the wrong definition of entrepreneur that 3rd graders are force-fed in social studies curriculum
Obama asks American people to free himto change the broken systems of banking, healthcare, education and energy
6 The Economist boardroom remembrance party to Norman Macrae questions what has mass media for... in the first one and two third centuries of trying to mediate an end to hunger
Dr Yunus asks will Bill Gates ever wholly get bottom-up collaboration capitalism
10 moocyunus yes we can if we start linking in free universities first - starting with south Africa's Free U

11 where did education by over-examination orginate from, and will we free 21st C youth from this?  - tracking microeducation summits that could
13 do you support maker camp?  - related search for makerfaire

sunday kim meets sir fazle in dc Jim Kim on LinkedIn: "It was wonderful to take…

sir fazle has always been the deepest living curriculum of girls empowerment, the one that most lives up to the 1960s ideology of latin america that i know of as preferential option poor on which all kims work was based on too

china (see guterres testimony attached) will do a lot of good things for sustainability generation and SME livelihoods but it doesnt go as ultra as sir fazle's experience of how women lift up half the sky

the g20 in argentina (july 2018 but whose research is now led out of buenos aires and is core to class of 2017-18) is where sir fazle's knowledge needs to collide both with the world leader debates of xi jinping and the tech capabilities of jack ma, and the values/hopes of franciscans - its really the only worldwide stage latin america has during these climactic times of americas dominated by random moves of trump and the east connected ever more sensibly by china's global 2.0

I was in korea last month where 80 national delegations concerned with green infrastructure investment banking listened to gaps in world bank and ifc structures including testimony from recent head of IFC; i do not believe that jim kim on his own can make the connections that the oas, the iadb, blum could now help make - thats if you want the deepest of girls empowerment and the smartest of technology redeisgning girls livelihoods however small their enterprises, however disconnected much latin american trade routes still are

cheng li at brookings in dc is the most knowledgeable person in usa other than kissinger on the goals and diaries of xi jinping- he repeatedly says jinping wants to know the right way to meet pope francis to understand whether franciscan and confucian cultures can bridge each other while english-language ones due to manic media have temporarily lost their way; our youth ambassadors at vatican university want to help but dont know how

should we meet?.. apologies if my pleas seem repetitive- they are based on 10 years, 40 meetings with yunus 11 in bangladesh, several hours of briefing by sir fazle , 7 visits to china in last year thanks to indomitable young chinese spirits led by amy and her friends at Tsinghua University- so much will tip in the next 12 months that americas may never get back-- tomorrow i meet with the origin of all yunus microsolar knowhow- korea launched green big bang club for 2000 governors who want to benchmark how their people can be first to carbon zero- are their place governors in latin americas who would at least like to know that club exists as one of china's urgent efforts to get climate back? lord stern who for a decade led gordon brown's green research has been asked by china to interview 15 eminent people and structure this into argentina g20 debriefings july 2018 and mumbai aiib2018 june 2018; jack ma has made argentina his number 2 international partner in small enterprise free trade with prime minsters of argentina and chile (michelle bachelet previously first head of UNwomen) leading goodwill relationships between latin america and china

thanks chris macrae 240 316 8157 rockville