see also .. In 2016 the human race spends 1000 times more money and time on Learning Commns Tech. We invite you to vote for the the most productive Youth Economies (more) linking in 3 billion new jobs that were impossible to co-create in times when distance caused communications to be expensive and the idea of an app being mobilised any time any place by anyone sounded like science fiction. see also microfranchise & health as pivotal youth economy

Let's begin with the most exciting girls empowerment economy: its human epicentre is Sir Fazle Abed in Bangladesh of the world's largest and most collaborative NGO known by hundreds of partners and millions whose education calling is girls empowerment as pre-digital BRAC and post-digital BKASH -currently the world's largest cashless economy co-created by and for girls faced with poverty's and sustainability most extreme challenges. Starting the search for how to value this youth economy was to be the last project of The Economist's Norman Macrae whose work (more) on the Entrepreneurial Revolution of millennials 3 billion new jobs began with this (Keynsian inspired - more) future history in 1972. RSVP or to start linking in text Norman's family in wsshington DC at USA 240 316 8157
next education open space new york 1 to 12 march 2016 - previous MIT 25 to 29 january - queries on linking in - or text usa 240 316 8157 Freeing 3rd grade teachers to ask parents & communities: do you live in a sustainable economy?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Professor Cordes wonderful meeting you all hosted yesterday at 4th sector economics summit - pls tell me any time if students or others are interested in sharing ideas on following- i'm happy to meet any time- and can try and bring others if I know whom of my regional friends can help most  (eg tebabu blessed coffee and valu chain typology is leading bcorps case in md and supported both by anapolis legislators and congressman delaneys office)

1 who's fan of this worldview: if we are to value the half of the world who are under 29 then sustainability must be the social movement uniting human race by 2030:
1.1= 2015 UN proposes that in changing its goals this year "biggest transformation year in (our) history)

1.2 since 2013 world bank jim kim  - and goes further with #2030now:  he can identify health millennials who connect this-which other millennials are empowered to link this in (eg energy , financial , womens empowerment, open tech wizards , education )
1.999: 1976...Keynsians at The Economist whose Entrepreneurial Revolution whose original journalism of coming of internet generation were first to popularise all branches of entrepreneurial revolution with this statement - millennials cannot be sustained by any of biggest forms of 20th century organsisation as isolated system forms- the most exciting economics search ever starts now 1976! : it seeks new organisation typologies needed in age when networks of systems not separate organisational systems will determine millenials sustainability

2 what sorts of processes and media revolutions could link this social movement:

i help diarise youth summits= this was main wish from first meeting with muhammad yunus late 2007 -yunus biggest one in 2015  is co-hosted by rome noble peace laureates ted turner family unfoundation, president carter and luther king out of atlanta nov 2015; however my family's millennials friends finds ones associated with jim kim or women4empowerment (bangladesh partners in  worldwide mobile village poorest mothers networks since 1996)_ or the americas process of YABT  (americas continent wide youth entrepreneurship 12th annual converges on panama's heads of states meeting april 2015) have more before and after process

i would love to see a database relevant to 4th sector as process -see suggestion below
i would love to see open education channels such as my friends who own the 5 billion person elearning satellite yazmi play a collaborative role
i would love to see this worldbank tedx format extended 

3 my recommendation to database architects of map4thsector
 key is set up correspondence groups responsible for their own selections in database - make sure each group has an index code that way people can make there own choice of which models or constitutions are in or out- update which are your correspondence group each year but get first database up this year

so eg if sir ronald and his big society movement says he can name the 15 uk impact bonds an about 10 others around the world let that be one group

if yunus says he can name which items fall in his social business stockmarket let someone he appoints be responsible for that classification

I wasnt clear whether bteam want to nominate their own selections or want to do this with some segmented groups such as bteam bcorps

anyhow dont get too worried first year wont be perfect - and quite frankly millennials ought to have a different interest than say us lawyers

as Clinton on M. Yunus and ShoreBank in Chicago interview about 8 years ago the rural networks of bangladesh developed a whole new economics model - not one single typology- anything that could turn aid into sustainable development and be mainly owned in trust for poorest village mothers and their next generation - for that reason bangladesh is worth studying other in terms of models pre digital 1996 and as world first digital partners lab since 1996 of mobile- in language someone use its top 2 or 3 end poverty networks of a gateway for all sorts of partnerships than singual entities in themselves

equally farmers and jim kim's Partners In Health is impossible to classify even though it is the sustainability sector of global health-ultimately keysian billanthropist george soros has made more investments in open society sustainability networks millennials can link in than anyone I can find - but how one gets his secretariat to join your database is a question beyond my paygrade- some partnership with his university CEU Budapest could be relevant as its epicentre of sustainable Europe in every way that onceinageneration

as another example many africans I talk to say dont get hung up on model lets search out which african can be most trusted to suatain a whole market sector by and for africans- whose the ibm of africa, the pharmacy of africa- an offshoot of ibrahim foundation work started a whole satellite tv round this quest africa24tv

chris macrae bethesda 301 881 1655 partners in publishing world record book of job creation
ps because my daughter aims to star at catholic university 2014-2015 and pope is visiting basilica september 2015 it would be huge to know if someone in congressman delaneys office would off camera see if millennials and our networks in rome could organsie some sort of festival celebrating some 4th sector and other sustainable networks- maybe a student union fair-in a format that any student union could then co-replicate

John Delaney - Who is talking about John Delaney on social ...
John Delaney #4thSectorDC ... globalgrameen ... 4thsectordc map4 congress has one member who gets map4 he is from md Catholic investor and his name ..

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